Framework for Fintech & Blockchain Applications.

Fintech Server is a collection of micro-services and software components for rapidly prototyping, building and managing secure, compliant and interoperable financial services and applications.

Ledger & Assets

Various applications - fintech and otherwise - must deal with a Ledger and record credit and debit of funds for various purposes.

Fintech Server provides a multi-purpose Ledger that is secure, flexible, interoperable and easily extensible.

  • Issue your own Assets and manage your own Ledger.
  • Embed business logic for calculation of fees and commissions.
  • Connect with any 3rd party ledgers and 3rd party providers for extended functionality.
  • Private permissioned Ledgers (Multichain,
  • Public Ledgers (Ethereum & ERC20 tokens).

Access Distributed Ledger Technology without worrying with the underlying technology:

  • Private permissioned Ledgers (Multichain,
  • Public Ledgers (Ethereum & ERC20 tokens)

Identity & Auth

An Identity Management framework for implementation of KYC requirements.

Connect with 3rd party verification services for increased automation.

  • Manage Documentation flows;
  • Define Identity Profiles, Document Types, Verification tiers and Required Documents;
  • Merge Identities;
  • Repository of default behaviours for multiple countries and jurisdictions;
  • Define KYC logic and flow.

Central Bank Rules & Controls

Define and enforce different rules across countries and jurisdictions.

Capital Limits & Tiers

Fine tune Tier limits to comply with capital control rules as defined by the jurisdiction and the applicable Central Bank.

Document Requirements

Formats for Citizen ID/Passport, local bank transfers fields, etc. vary across the world. Fintech Server lets you tailor and enforce the validations that match the requirements of the countries you operate in.

Plans & Fees

  • Define which Identity Profiles, Tiers and Documents are applicable to each geography;
  • Mix and match multiple geography requirements even within the same app;
  • Define ad-hoc Identity Profiles within the base Personal / Business taxonomy.


Value Networks

Connect your Ledger with a variety of value networks, both legacy and cryptocurrencies. Automate payments and manage your own reserves on 3rd party systems.


Receive and send payments over multiple providers and value networks, linked with your own Ledgers.

Integrations with:

Exchange & Convert

Automatically exchange value in your Ledger via a partner.

Manage your Reserves

Keep track of customer funds in your reserves across multiple providers and value networks, in a variety of assets.

Integrations with:

3rd party services

A full fledged Fintech application requires specialized services, with providers across multiple jurisdictions/geographies.

Anti Money Laundering

Monitor transactions in a Ledger via a 3rd party service.

Identity Check

Check each Identity and search for records that link the full name with the given address and date of birth.

PEPs and Sanctions Check

Verify each Identity against international exclusion lists.

Manage your Reserves

Check transaction via a risk scoring engine.

Integrations with:

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