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LoyalChain is a blockchain-based platform where customers can buy and sell loyalty points.

Fintech Server provides:

  • The ledger representing points or miles owned by each participating Program;
  • The order matching system that allows assets (points, miles, etc) to be converted at different rates;
  • An UI for approval of point funding operations (deposits) & point destruction operations (withdrawals) by a LoyalChain Operator;
  • Blockchain abstraction, so different blockchains can be used for different Point Programs;
  • Integration with legacy banking systems, Uphold, AirTM, Bitcoin and Ethereum;
  • A framework for easy integration with merchants (Alibaba, Amazon).


Wayfex is an enterprise forex platform for businesses conducting large (USD1MM+) transfers between the developed and the developing world.

Fintech Server provides:

  • The Identity profiles where the different KYC requirements for Agents and Customers are implemented
  • An UI for a Wayfex Operator to verify identities, transactions and associated documents
  • Transaction processing filters for easy calculation of fees and commissions
  • The Ledger that keeps track of funds allocated to each Swap Deal
  • An UI for approval of deposits & withdrawals by a Wayfex Operator
  • Untamperable reports for auditing and compliance purposes
  • Other building blocks, such as OAuth2 logins, 2FA security measures


A decentralised platform using blockchain, biometrics and AI to offer a UK bank account to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Fintech Server provides:

  • Integration of BABB’s private blockchain with the legacy banking system and exchanges.
  • Integration of BABB’s private blockchain with public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Building blocks to implement BABB’s hybrid biometrics and document based KYC processing.
  • Integration with 3rd party risk scoring services.
  • Integration with 3rd party AML services.

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